ux research + branding identity + app design


`Upon a meetup in Washington DC, two designers and I took on the challenge of brainstorming the foundations of a mindfulness meditation app to be implemented in a college campus.

Below are the results. Check out my lengthy design process in designing this app.

4-5 week project

Myful is a concept mindfulness meditation app designed for students or young adults. 

View Myful Prototype

Problem Statement

How can an app help students learn how to deal with their stress and anxiety effectively through mindfulness practices?
With the “burnout generation” experiencing major depression diagnoses rates higher than any other age group, the mental health forecast doesn’t look bright for millennials.

Research Goals

-Contextualize the landscape of current mental health issues young generations face.
-Discover how a mobile application could aid an individual's journey in mindfulness and/or meditation.
-Learn about what currently "helps" and how technology can play a role in self-care.

How did we get here? Read about my thorough process and the nitty gritty. My approach involves user research, using empathy as a tool, and ideating.

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